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allahouma salli ala mustafa

Admin|October 1, 2020|05:55|5.42 MB

Malam Sahabat, perkenalkan nama saya Admin, saya baru upload musik yang terbaru loh! Judulnya allahouma salli ala mustafa. Saya Harap teman bisa enjoy lagu yang dinyakiyikan oleh allahouma salli ala mustafa ya :) Download musik favoritmu sekarang juga.

allahouma salli ala mustafa

Kawan juga dapat download musik allahouma salli ala mustafa di hp atau laptop sahabat. Ohiya sahabat Jangan lupa like dan sharenya ya ke kawan kalian, Enjoy!

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The Lyric of LABBAIK

In the shade of the kaa'ba we all come together
From all corners of the earth
We all want to prosper
What a mercy Allah u have bestowed on your creation
Labbaik allah i am present Allah
Labbaik allah i am present Allah
Labbaik, Labbaik, Labbaik Allah
Labbaik, Labbaik, Labbaik Allah

We have been rood to our mothers
A problem to fathers
Ignorant to brothers and unjust to our sisters
O Allah please forgive us and enlighten our hearts
O Allah please forgive us and show us the straight path
Accept all ours efforts and grant us our dua's
O merciful creator you Ar Rahman
We ask for your guidance and plead for your aid
To unite our hearts and increase us in faith

Labbaik allaumma labbaik
Labbaika la sharikalaka Labbaik

Give us the ability to hold tight to u rope Allah
Help us follow the Sunnah of Muahammad (S) Mustafa
Send your peace to him every time a new leaf grows
And keep us as his followers on the day that we will go
Allahhumma salli ala Muhammad
Allahumma barik alaa Muhammad
Peace of Allah be on Muhammad
Blessings of Allah be on Muhammad
O Allah to you we belong and to you we return
Let us be successful and please don't let us burn
Please make our grave s a peace of paradise
Let us be with Muhammad on the day that we will rise


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