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Bali, Indonesia - Cost of Living

Bali, Indonesia - Cost of Living

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Bali, Indonesia has amazing scenery; lush rice fields, waterfalls, and stunning beaches. It also has friendly locals, great food and a low cost of living.

So how much does it cost to live in Bali?

$700 per month is possible, but not comfortable.

$850- $1,800 per month is comfortable. Most nomads and expats I know live within this range.

$2,000+ per month and you can live very well.

In this video, you will see what these budgets look like in Ubud and Canggu, two of Bali’s most popular destinations for expats and location independent entrepreneurs.

Accommodations in Bali are often very charming, even at a low price. Properties described as a “Home Stay” are often stand-alone bungalows sharing a swimming pool, courtyard and other shared amenities. Frequently rentals include utilities and internet.
Cost of living will vary depending on your own level of comfort and convenience. Living closer to the beach or in the town center of Ubud will cost more while living 10 minutes away may cut your rent in half. Negotiating your lease during the rainy season can save you a lot. Trying to find a long-term rental during peak season can be difficult.

Visa Options and Costs
The free visa on arrival is only good for 30 days and can’t be extended so it’s not recommended for longer stays.

The most common visa for Bali is a paid tourist visa ($35), which lasts for 30 days and you can pay to extend it for an additional 30 days. The extension cost is about $30 if you do it yourself and about $50 if you use a visa extension service which can be found all around Bali.

If you’re over the age of 55, the Retirement visa will set you back around $900 a year.

The Social and Cultural Visa is another option. It allows you to stay up to 60 days and it can be extended 3 times without leaving the country. Each extension is valid for 30 days giving you 6 months before you are required to leave.

The Multiple Entry Business Visa is another option good for digital nomads and long-term travelers that would like to make Bali their base while occasionally visiting (neighboring) countries. The key restriction is that you cannot stay in the country for longer than 60 days per visit. However, you can leave the country and return as many times as you would like within one year. The cost of the visa and paperwork provided by a visa service will likely cost around $400 depending on the visa service provider.

Biaya hidup di Bali

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