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Best 5 Covers of Salam Alayka (Competition)

Best 5 Covers of Salam Alayka (Competition)

Uploader: Mevlan Kurtishi

Size: 7.23 MB

Duration: 05:16

Date: 2020-04-26T14:33:05Z


Best 5 Covers of Salam Alayka

This competition organized by Sweven Records for the selection of 5 best covers of the song 'Salam Alayka' by the artist Mevlan Kurtishi, where many wonderful voices applied from different countries of the world.
The purpose of this competition is to motivate these beautiful voices and make them work harder on good things.

Our team together with the artist have chosen 5 best covers based on:
- Vocal color
- Singing technique
- Feeling the song
- Being organized in all things

1st: Mohammad Bashir - SYRIA (Instagram @mohammad.bashir.official)
2nd: Fath Nojoum - INDONESIA (Instagram @fathnojoum29)
3rd: Emirhan As - TURKEY (Instagram @asemirhan06)
4th: Imran Bahtanovic - BOSNIA (Instagram @bahtanoviccc)
5th: Flamur Kasami - KOSOVO (Instagram @f_kasami)

Congratulations to the winners of this competition where the rewards are:
1st: Lyrics, composition, arrangement and mix & master.
2nd: arrangement and mix & master.
3rd: arrangement and mix & master.
4th: arrangement and mix & master.
5th: arrangement and mix & master.

Please don't forget to follow these beautiful voices and motivate them to continue on the path of art.

#competition #mevlankurtishi #salamalayka

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