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Branle de l'officiel ("Ding dong merrily on high")

Branle de l'officiel (

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Date: 2015-12-20T06:44:45Z

French. The English lyrics given below, by George Ratcliffe Woodward (1848–1934), were written in the late 19th century. However, this vigorous dance tune dates back at least to 16th century France. Dances like these were originally associated with the lower classes, hence its French title, which loosely translates as "Ring dance in the servants' hall." Arranged here for drum, violin, cello, lute and tin whistle.

[First verse:]
Ding dong! merrily on high: In heav'n the bells are ringing.
Ding dong! verily the sky is riv'n with angel singing.
Gloria! Hosanna in excelsis!

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To the best of my knowledge, my use of portions of those pictures qualifies as “fair use” and does not infringe the rights of any copyright holder. If I am incorrect, please let me know and I will remove the offending picture.

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