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Caillou Ungrounds Ellie/Ungrounded (Subtitled)

Caillou Ungrounds Ellie/Ungrounded (Subtitled)

Uploader: Mario Buitron

Size: 14.37 MB

Duration: 10:28

Date: 2017-10-13T10:08:29Z

Created with Plotagon. http://youtube.com/plotagon
Made from start on Thursday, October 12, 2017 10:02 pm
Plotagon Video 57
Made on Android.
Request from: (Tam G!rly) Thank you! You are the third one to request a video.
Caillou will have to go adventuring to unground a girl. And the guy must have been bitten by Boris the Teeth Guy. Let's see what will happen. This one has embedded subtitles.
Characters from "Caillou": Caillou, Boris, Doris and Narrator of Caillou.
Characters from "Plotagon": Paul, Lucy, Guard 1, Guard 2 and Guard 3.
Characters from "Made-Up": Ellie and Ellie's Step-Dad.
Episode 16: After Boris and Doris saw the news of Ellie getting grounded for one trillion seconds, Boris wanted to have Caillou unground her, so that he can get ungrounded. Now Caillou goes adventuring while having to deal three guards, each on one scene, by fighting them.As he's done with the guards, he is ready to unground Ellie. But now, he must fight her step-dad the teeth guy and now he defeats him. He ungrounds Ellie and turns her step-dad the teeth guy to normal by ungrounding Ellie. Now he gets rewarded and honored. When the TV shows the news with Caillou with Ellie, Boris gets happy, even Doris. When Caillou get back he gets ungrounded which he doesn't have to wait eight days to get ungrounded.
Upload Time: 3:08 am

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