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Dmt Meditation Music I Call ▶ (ULTRA METAMORPH) Powerful Meditation 0.1 Hz Bianural Beats

Dmt Meditation Music I Call ▶ (ULTRA METAMORPH) Powerful Meditation 0.1 Hz Bianural Beats

Uploader: SONIC ELEVATOR - Powerful Brainwave Meditations

Size: 23.44 kB

Duration: 00:01

Date: 2020-07-02T01:09:26Z

Dmt Meditation Music I Call ▶ ULTRA METAMORPH | Powerful Meditation 0.1 Hz Bianural Beats By Sonic Elevator Powerful Brainwave Meditations to enter the most profound states of meditation, sub delta waves deep. I am making this one a reliable and powerful Binaural Beats Isochronic Tones MEDITATION. The Music I CREATED called "ULTRA METAMORPH" part of the warning dmt meditation music series being somewhat out of the norm. A well made worthy follow up and in line with what fans expect from a sonic elevator dmt meditation.

Yes, Sonic elevator is back with another NEW entry into the warning DMT series by sonic elevator. One of my all-time fav series. So popular that constant requests demand a steady flow of new trippy sound designs and original out of this world creations from the sonic elevator. The ultra metamorph is easily one of the best DMT meditation entries I ever did for the series. I realized what was so desired about the series. Fans can expect a powerful effective ONE OF A KIND meditation true to the series and to the sonic elevator brand.

progressive and mind-bending sound design and experience that you will not find anywhere else and this is a way to reward a long time sonic elevator fans by reducing fillers and only added real amazing bangers to the channel and especially the series.

buckle up and enjoy the deep brainwave massage and progressive settings to take you deeper and into more profound states than ever before. When I compose music for the sonic elevator I really get aligned with the essence of this brand. a highly advanced deep spiritual sound design that will leave traditional meditation music enthusiasts lost for words and fans of the warning dmt series feel right at home.

I believe life is short and my mission is to offer and create amazing content and music and powerful and useful brainwave meditations. This is a great example of what sonic elevator fans can expect in the years ahead as I will give more focus to this series as it is a fan favorite making almost anything else I put out a non-interest.


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This will easily be one of the most powerful and best dmt meditation music experiences you may ever get to enjoy:) so do explore it. POWERFUL MEDITATION IS KEY HERE, not drugs. This music does not promote the taking of any substances. The sound design here combined with rhythmic stimulation is already compelling and has a stimulating effect and ability to take one into deep states of meditation and visuals.

A sonic elevator custom dmt meditation music series. The brainwave stimulation here is on point, so buckle up, or should I say buckle down and relax with a comfortable volume level and enjoy the ride!


This music is not a drug or is designed to be. It is a piece of trippy deep meditation music by sonic elevator inspired by DMT experiences and serves as a theme. SO WHY THE WARNING THEN? It's not dangerous or scary. However sonic elevator makes compelling brainwave meditations. Many people are still not used to the more powerful and stimulating meditation music. Mainly because people misuse the title and words, powerful sound is hard to tell unless you have years of experience creating BRAIN STIMULATING music as I do. Or have years of experience enjoying it and can tell by ear. So beginners can think twice and seek something more soft and soothing for their liking. So, in essence, warning, DMT music is just A THEME AND SERIES for the most profound meditation music by sonic elevator created to be robust and creative and trippy.

DMT Activation Frequency + Sonic's Custom picks of tonal assists and custom music I created for your pleasure and meditation enjoyment and even sleep.

Sonic Elevator - Powerful Brainwave Meditation Music Youtube Channel is devoted to creating a collection of the best meditation music videos for your higher consciousness and spiritual growth, through your daily meditations. In my channel, you will find meditation music with Theta frequency, Binaural beats, Monaural beats, Isochronic tones, and solfeggio frequency. My goal is for you, the listener, to connect to your higher self-consciousness. As a side effect of the meditation music, you might experience out of body experiences, astral travels, lucid dreaming, relax state of mind, healing of your body and mind, stress reduction, and many more. Happy Elevating Love and Gratitude always to all.

I own all 100% rights to all original music that I create for Sonic Elevator - Powerful Brainwave Meditations 2020 (c), And this is the official channel and the only place this music should appear on youtube.

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