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Holographic Universe: Decoding (& recoding) your quantum reality

Holographic Universe: Decoding (& recoding) your quantum reality

Uploader: AlienHere2Love

Size: 66.19 MB

Duration: 48:12

Date: 2020-07-08T06:54:22Z

Humanity is breaking free of the limitations of binary code & updating to our original blueprint, which is quantum. What does that mean for us as individuals & our shared collective experience? In this video I build upon the basic principles I shared in my first four videos (so check them out for context) & give an overview of what it's like to experience reality from a quantum perspective i.e. the zero-point of the harmonic union of feminine & masculine principles of Creation. In the quantum state, experiences of synchronicity are the norm, because in reality EVERYTHING is synchronized. So, as you awaken to more & more of your true self, you will experience more & more synchronicity, or what we come to know as "codes." This can be both psychologically liberating as well as binding, & I hope to provide some clarity from my own experiences of navigating & understanding reality as a personalized quantum field.

Note: upgrading from binary code to quantum doesn't mean the eradication of the feminine & masculine principles. To return to our natural quantum state requires a remembering & embodiment of the pure essence of the feminine & masculine qualities, both respectively on their own & together in the androgynous state of their pre-genesis union. I say this because the eradication of the purity & differences between the feminine & masculine aspects is part of mind control programming -- without the pure feminine & masculine binary we cannot remember their union, of which the quantum state (unity with God/Source/eternal life) is actualized.

More on quantum computers & upgrading from binary code to quantum (link: https://hego.redbrick.dcu.ie/technicalmanual/node34.html):

"Modern classical computers store and manipulate a unit of information called the bit, which takes either 0 or 1 as it's value. The classical paradigm seems to be limited however in the types of problems it can solve; there is a vast amount of problems that are intractable on modern computers. Herein lies the promise of Quantum Computers. A Quantum Computer uses a different fundamental unit of information, called the Qubit. A Qubit has two base states..."

^^those two base states can be understood as the feminine & masculine principles of the psyche!

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