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How to Hip Roll | Sexy Dance Moves

How to Hip Roll | Sexy Dance Moves

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Duration: 01:30

Date: 2013-08-13T02:53:30Z

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Hi everyone. I'm LaShonna.

Have you ever wondered how people do those amazing hip rolls when they're out dancing? Well, I'm going to help you figure out how to do it.

Step one is to start with a wide stance. Then you're going to bend your knees because if you want a hip roll with straight legs, it's not going to work.

Nice wide stance, bend those knees, and just start by swaying your hips from side to side so you can loosen up those hip sockets.

From here, take your hips front to back. It's a little hip roll warm up.

Now you're going to take your hips front, side, back, side.

Front, side, back, side.

Now smooth the whole thing out.

Front, side, back, side.

You want to make sure you're only moving below your waist. You don't want to involve your whole body because then that's not a hip roll. Only your hips are rolling.

Front, side, back, side. Front, side, back, side. Take it all around the world. Front, side, back, side.

You can get lower with your hip roll. You can face this side on your hip roll. As long as your hips are going front, side, back, side in a circular motion, you're doing a hip roll.

And that's how you hip roll.

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