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living cost in Indonesian

living cost in Indonesian

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Living cost in Indonesia. I am a Darmasiswa student in Indonesia. So sharing some information about the living cost in Indonesia
To take advantage of the cost of living in Indonesia you must be willing to split rent with others or go for budget accommodations. You can otherwise easily rack up rents similar to those in large western cities. Also, if you choose to live in an apartment long-term, the full amount of the lease is usually paid up-front. This means a one-year lease would require you to pay all twelve months up-front. There is the possibility of renting on a three-month, renewable lease, although this carries a higher rent per month.

Of course, prices will vary based on the desirability of the area you choose to live in (for instance, rural is typically cheaper than city), but you can find affordable prices no matter where you go. I stayed in the Kemang area, which had plenty of expats and looked quite artsy.

Hostel dorm — $10-12 / night
Hostel private room (ensuite) — $25 / night
Mid-range hotel — $40-$80 / night (many will negotiate price for long stays)
Top hotels — $80-$250 / night
Luxury resorts — $500-$2000 / night
1 bedroom budget apartment – $400 / month
1 bedroom luxury apartment — $800-1200+ / month

You can get 1 bedrooms that are cheaper than $400, but you’ll be in areas that are a little more far out. The places may also be old and in questionable areas. During my month in Jakarta, I stayed at the Grand Kemang (4-star), where I negotiated the price down significantly to a 2-star price, plus it was low season.

You can find plenty of modern 3-bedroom apartments, as well as houses with pools and maids for under $1000. These are great for expats choosing to leverage the cost of living in Indonesia by pooling their money together and renting a larger, more luxurious place. Keep in mind that prices in Bali and other resort areas are a little more expensive, especially near the beaches.

I’ve caught some decent short-term deals on sites such as airbnb and Holiday Lettings, so check these out too.

Food & Drink
It’s pretty much the case everywhere that buying groceries and preparing your own meals is cheaper than eating out. But in Indonesia, that means the difference between pennies and dollars. Stick to local street food and the open-air restaurants where locals eat to keep your cost of living in Indonesia down.

Street food — $1
Inexpensive restaurant meal — $2-4
McDonalds meal — $5
Mid-range restaurant three course meal — $7-8
High-end restaurant — $15-$20
Starbucks coffee — $4 (latte)
Chocolate bar — $0.75
Soft drinks — $0.50-0.75
Another pro which keeps the cost of living in Indonesia in check is the cheap price of transportation. Most expats there opt for scooters since you can get these for a few dollars a day. If you want the best hook-up, get to know the locals and let one take you to a rental shop outside of the main tourist areas.

Bus one-way ticket — $0.30
Bus monthly pass — $13
Taxi (per km) — $0.30 (I recommend Blue Bird)
Scooter rental — $5-10 / day
Car rental (depending on car) – $25-$60 / day
Cost of gasoline — $0.70 / liter

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