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Moon Homa/Yajna | Chandra Dosha Remedies | Part 2 Vedicfolks.com

Moon Homa/Yajna | Chandra Dosha Remedies | Part 2 Vedicfolks.com

Uploader: Vedic Folks

Size: 39.85 MB

Duration: 29:01

Date: January 12, 2015

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Homas or yagnas are fire rituals prescribed in the Vedas for expiation of sins and for attaining merit and virtue. Vedicfolks has a wide choice and most number of homas invoking each and every God and satiating all types of needs of the devotee. One can even order a copy of the video disc from us after performing the ritual. Try now.

Life may not be perfect for all. You may be facing problems relating to marriage, career, business, education, children and many more. Find permanent solution to all problems by performing our special Homams and get respite for a life time.


The science of astrology is rather baffling. The placement of stars can predict what’s in store for you. What looked like a fabulous life may not be seem so. Sudden and horrible turn of events have jeopardised your life. Don’t worry and come to us, our astrological experts can assist you in finding the right solutions to all problems.


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