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MOTIF - Please Tell Me Tonight

MOTIF - Please Tell Me Tonight

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Duration: 03:56

Date: 2007-10-30T01:03:39Z

Back in the 1990's when the New Jack swing was in full effect, the sounds of R&B and Hip hop were perhaps at its strongest. A relatively unknown R&B group that grew out of this era were the 3 Vocalists: Larry Hendricks Jr., Will Moran and Darien Douglas, called "MOTIF"(Left to Right)
The R&B group MOTIF, who were signed under PAYDAY (POLYGRAM Records),were strong and their voices(Especially Larry and Darien) were top notch. Most people dont know that MOTIF was the *FIRST* to do the cover of Marvin Gays' "You're all I need to get by" - (aside from Ashford and Simpson).

MOTIF had a collaboration with POSITIVE K on a track of their Debut and only CD released called "More than Magic" in 1993. The cut from this CD that perhaps had the most airplay was "Please tell me tonight". Listen to Larry Blow in this song. He is an incredible vocalist remeniscient of Mark Kibble(of Take 6). - Listen to him throughout the song (he adlibs for most of the song) and at the end of the song. Darien Douglass(whos vocals are reminiscent of James Ingram tears up the second verse - listen to the yearning in his voice) and Wills angelic falsetto at the first verse.
MOTIF had appearences on Friday Night Videos, MTV, BET and were on National and International Tours.
Unfortunately, internal conflicts in the group between 1 member VS the other 2 and including horrid management with the Record Label caused the breakup a couple of years later.Now the CD is all but Out of Print and impossible to find. It took me about 4-5 years to finally get a hold of the CD.

There isnt any Justice

***LARRYS BACK***!!!
*NEW INFO*!!! Larry Dropped a new CD single check out track 8!!

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