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Uploader: Oetjha Oetjha

Size: 2.11 MB

Duration: 01:32

Date: 2020-04-06T08:02:25Z

2 months together. It goes so fast. I picked you up when you were alone on a road. I took care and looked you after with love.
I keep feeding, making milk, giving vitamin in time. Taking a bath regularly. Playing together when I went home from work.
You slept by my side, close to my ears on pillow, and Even always on my chest.
I love you Jingga, yeaah I named you immediately I brought you home

This morning, Aprl 6th 2020 at 1.30, you meowed to wake me up. I got up suddenly and got suprised to see you were so weak.
I made a little sugar water and gave you to have by praying may Allah SWT gave you strength to make you feel better
YOU WERE DIYING and I were by you and petted you. Morning came and you were still weak. I started calling your name, attracted you to play like we usually do. I held your hand and you didnt respond it. I started weeping, I even dont know that you only wanted to hug me BYE, and I refused my bad feeling that I would lose you so soon.

Nobody cares like I do Jingga, I EVEN first time brought you home with love, I just wanna look you after and make sure you grow up well.
You left me by love, I know we will meet there my love

Wish you got a big love from Allah SWT
Just tell HIM (Allah_red) that I am stuck in a deep sadness losing you.

You're always in my heart, I'll miss every single moments with you, your meows.

In short, Thanks a lot being a lover of mine,
I know you love me too, but KULLU NAFSIN ZAIKATUL MAAUUUT (anyone _ anything that breath will die).


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