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Samingad (紀曉君)- Song of Puyuma (南王系之歌) Vinyl

Samingad (紀曉君)- Song of Puyuma (南王系之歌) Vinyl

Uploader: Put The Records On Chinese

Size: 5.42 MB

Duration: 03:57

Date: 2015-03-03T03:57:04Z

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Song of Puyuma (南王系之歌) single from The sounds of Sun Wind Prairie (太陽 風 草原的聲音) perform by Samingad (紀曉君)

PRM : 33
Label : magicstone record

Shot on iPhone 5.

FAQs - for those of you bright enough to read the description before commenting with the same boring questions ... :)

- How old are you? - 28

- Where do you live? - Tainan, Taiwan

- What kind turntable do you use? - Music hall usb-1

- The quality of the sound is perfect. This is all from the vinyl? - Yes it is. If the sound doesn't come from vinyl them what's point to post on YouTube!

- Where do you shop for the record? - record store. but mostly on internet, coz we don’t have a lot vinyl record sell in record store. or have chance travel I always run into the record store get somethings.

- When did you start collect Vinyl ? - when I was high school at USA I bought my 1st vinyl Bee Gees’s E.S.P. at Flea Market

- How do you make money? - my daily job is work at a factory. and my position is designed package.

- what date is your vlogs date? - there is no date. i just up load the new stuff i just get it or i just want to play it. but i think i need to set up for a date.

- How long do your vlogs take to edit? - They vary massively, sometimes 1 hour sometimes 2

- Hey you want to sell the vinyl?? - NO, I don’t sell My collection. If I want to sell i will post on my social media page

- is it original pitched ? - no. if this is a perfect pitched you will watch a no sound video, coz youtube block it. So yes the record seems to be playing a little faster than it should.

since many people ask me record seems to be playing a little faster than it should. so I change the edit way you will hear the original sound i record the video then add some of part for high quality I was record from the records into my MAC.

If you have any music like me to help you to recommend you may e-mail contact with me or leave me a message i would like to help you with that
e-mail: [email protected]

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