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(SNR)™ DJ YUDIANA - 019 Omang Sayang 3 (Remake)

(SNR)™ DJ YUDIANA - 019 Omang Sayang 3 (Remake)


Size: 10.14 MB

Duration: 07:23

Date: 2018-08-02T17:50:15Z

Discotheque is a place of entertainment or nightclub with music played by disc jockey through PA system so that visitors dance for it. Discotheque is one of a collection of phonograph records and a variety of music that is superior to local music around 1980s to 1990s disco music, funk, and electro. Discotheques usually consist of dance floors with a large size in the middle, a dark room with only a rotating flashing lights and ambience lights attached to the wall. Discotheque also provides some drinks and sometimes there are free snacks. To enter into discotheques visitors usually have to buy tickets at the entrance, and rarely found a free discotheque (except women) of course with the terms and conditions apply.

● http://bit.ly/DISCOTIQUE ●

~ō~ Discotique Playlist ~ō~

●Live FDJ Perform [FDJ STYLE]
🎧 https://goo.gl/d8Do9W
●Cinematic Night [Club/ Diskotik/ Bar/ Lounge]
🎧 https://goo.gl/PnTeFD
●Indonesia [Single Funky House/ Funkot/ HardFunk]
🎧 https://goo.gl/wKwxRG
●Funky House Mixtape [Funkot/ HardFunk]
🎧 https://goo.gl/E989br
●Jungle Dutch Mixtape [Bass Boosted]
🎧 https://bit.ly/2Id30aN
●Indonesia Funky Bounce [Single BreakBeat/ BreakFunk]
🎧 https://goo.gl/KQhfa5
●Funky Bounce Mixtape [BreakBeat/ BreakFunk]
🎧 https://goo.gl/wrvrjH
●Nashville Pub & Cafe [Club/ Diskotik/ Bar/ Lounge]
🎧 https://goo.gl/fb8pBD
●Car Audio Show With Dancers [Exotic Dance]
🎧 https://goo.gl/kWJJjH
●The Best Music Video [Funky House/ Funkot/ HardFunk]
🎧 https://goo.gl/x7HceQ
●FL Studio Projects [Fruity Loops]
🎧 https://goo.gl/RpCSaH
●Royalty Free Music [Creative Commons]
🎧 https://goo.gl/B916ak

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