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  3. Today is your Tomorrow ☼ Weight loss motivation

Today is your Tomorrow ☼ Weight loss motivation

Today is your Tomorrow ☼ Weight loss motivation

Uploader: Alivia D'Andrea

Size: 3.27 MB

Duration: 02:23

Date: 2016-10-02T05:19:05Z

☼ Eat cleaner, train harder, live better, be happier ☼

Join our community where we can learn, empower and motivate each other ♡

✰ Help me translate this video into your language! - https://bit.ly/38sfYdu

Filming credits goes to my younger sister haha :)

♫ Indian Summer - Jai Wolf: https://m.soundcloud.com/foreignfamily/jai-wolf

My leggings and sports bra are from: www.kurveshop.com

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SNAPCHAT: Fiercelivy
On my snapchat..I post flexibility/fitness challenges/tricks, health inspiration, short recipes, dog tricks, travel and just about anything I encounter!


☾ Optimistic dreamer who believes that we can be the change we want to see in the world

☾ World traveler who seeks for scrumptious cuisine, breathtaking sceneries, and exotic cultures.

☾ Passionate dancer and pianist who enjoys unraveling the mysteries of these artistic disciplines

Don't hesitate to direct message me if you have any questions about flexibility, fitness, health, confidence, happiness or if you would like to be featured!

♢ C R I T E R I A (to be featured in my next flexibility video)

1. Send me a photo of your results
2. Explain how my videos have helped you
3. Tell me you want to be featured
☼ See the world through my eyes ☼

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Snapchat: Fiercelivy
Twitter - https://twitter.com/aliviadandrea

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Stay Fierce ❥

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