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Welcome to the Jungle (6 year old drummer)

Welcome to the Jungle (6 year old drummer)

Uploader: Avery Drummer Molek

Size: 6.23 MB

Duration: 04:32

Date: 2012-11-23T13:10:04Z

SWEET CHILD O MINE LIVE β†’ http://bit.ly/2nEeklr
Appetite for Destruction in 7 mins β†’ http://bit.ly/2yvwdp5

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Since I have 100's of πŸ₯ videos on my channel, below are playlist for easy navigation..

β€’ CLASSIC ROCK β†’ http://bit.ly/2vye76x
β€’ ROCK β†’ http://bit.ly/2vW0nnt
β€’ HARD ROCK β†’ http://bit.ly/2w7VZBu
β€’ HEAVY METAL β†’ http://bit.ly/2xdvh7M
β€’ THRASH METAL β†’ http://bit.ly/2KwBXnX
β€’ LIVE GIGS β†’ http://bit.ly/2fyMPVq
β€’ REALLY HARD STUFF TO PLAY β†’ http://bit.ly/2iANo2j
β€’ TV-INTERVIEWS β†’ http://bit.ly/2mSqpon
β€’ POP β†’ http://bit.ly/2jdeJXZ

Covers of my Favorite Bands
β€’ A7X β†’ http://bit.ly/2wr5jjI
β€’ AC/DC β†’ http://bit.ly/2gUdkYY
β€’ BOSTON β†’ http://bit.ly/2rPJNBj
β€’ DEF LEPPARD β†’ http://bit.ly/2jI1wqX
β€’ DREAM THEATER β†’ http://bit.ly/2uWe5SM
β€’ GUNS N ROSES β†’ http://bit.ly/2yvwdp5
β€’ IRON MAIDEN β†’ http://bit.ly/2BPyKzY
β€’ KISS β†’ http://bit.ly/Playing-with-KISS
β€’ LED ZEPPELIN β†’ http://bit.ly/2AiuacD
β€’ METALLICA β†’ http://bit.ly/2xEyi1O
β€’ MOTLEY CRUE β†’ http://bit.ly/2AXzZZ2
β€’ QUEEN β†’ http://bit.ly/2GPs5HX
β€’ RUSH β†’ http://bit.ly/2CsOXM1
β€’ SLAYER β†’ http://bit.ly/2rOD5wt
β€’ SOAD β†’ http://bit.ly/2z4zDzd
β€’ VAN HALEN β†’ http://bit.ly/2xmgfgB

Watch as I grow through the years, in drumming not height. πŸ˜‰
β€’ 3,4,5 Years Old β†’ http://bit.ly/AGES-3-4-5
β€’ 6 Years Old β†’ http://bit.ly/AGE-6
β€’ 7 Years Old β†’ http://bit.ly/AGE-7
β€’ 8 Years Old β†’ http://bit.ly/AGE-8
β€’ 9 Years Old β†’ http://bit.ly/AGE-9
β€’ 10 Years Old β†’ http://bit.ly/AGE-10
β€’ 11 Years Old β†’ http://bit.ly/AGE–11

Avery β€œDrummer” Molek is young growing musician. He started playing drums at age 2. He now loves to play everything: classic, rock, jazz, metal and progressive music. Avery also plays bass, guitar & piano.

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Avery Drummer Molek (6 year old kid drummer) drum cover of "Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns N Roses.

All Copyright belongs to WMG & UMG.

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