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What is Om Telolet Om? (Meme meaning and compilation)

What is Om Telolet Om? (Meme meaning and compilation)

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Duration: 02:10

Date: December 20, 2016

om telolet om compilation and short explanation of the meaning of the new viral trend meme. Om Telolet Om Video compilation.
Bus horn phenomenon meme from indonesia.

So what does Om Telolet Om mean? Where did it come from?

Back in November, the Indonesian Facebook sphere buzzed with videos of children and youngsters standing on the streets of Ngabul, Jepara, Central Java, shouting “om telolet om!” at passing inter-province buses. The phrase om telolet om literally means “Sir, honk your horn, sir”, and when bus drivers honk to produce the telolet sound the children cheer in glee.

Most Facebook users commented and shared the video with comments such as, “It doesn’t take much money to be happy, just wait for the buses and ask them to honk.”

Many hearts were warmed and entertained watching the happiness of the children when a bus responded to their request.

The “telolet hunter” phenomenon has also created traffic jams in the Jepara area. In anticipation of further traffic jams, the Jepara Police have looked into the matter and have called on bus drivers to not make the telolet sound. However, investigations conducted using a Soundmeter have proved that the honking sound is within a tolerable range of 112, 9 dB (A), with the maximum being 118 db (A).
Currently, videos of “telolet hunters” have appeared in other regions in Central Java.

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