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21 Small Indoor Plants to Spruce Up Your Space. However the common names of plants often vary from region to region which is why most plant encyclopedias refer to plants using their scientific names in other words using binomials or Latin names.

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Its pink leaves have lovely dark green patches.

Names of indoor plants. The aptly named staghorn fern is a low-light plant that works both indoors and out. They eventually brown and whither before theyre replaced by new growth. News Events FAQ About us Links This Day in History.

However it enjoys humiditymaking it a perfect choice for the bathroom. More about indoor plants Aglaonema Silver Queen. Air plants are interesting plants since they dont need soil to survive.

Want to add an indoor plant to your home. Sometimes flowering plants prove the most challenging. It has glossy dark green foliage and stunning white flowers usually growing between 45 to 65 centimetres tall.

This dark green plant with tall upright variegated leaves will do well in many home environments. Rubber tree plants prefer regular potting soil and though they thrive in warmer environments interior conditions are suitable according to the University of Illinois Extension. A well known indoor plant which is grown in many homes and offices.

Bamboo Chinese Classic Combination Cozy Double. Spathiphyllum commonly known as the Peace Lily has long been a popular house plant especially since NASA featured it in its list of best air-purifying options. Interior Design Apartment Attic Bathroom Bedroom.

However make sure you dont overwater the bamboo palm. Cabinet Corridor Flat Hallway House Kitchen. Snake plant requires minimal care and to top it all has superior air purification qualities.

The Snake Plant is a great indoor plant for the bathroom or bedroom but will contribute to cleaner air in any corner of the home. The leaves of Coleus looks like a color-filled palette. It also filters formaldehyde which is found in a variety of common bathroom products.

Here are selected photos on this topic but full relevance is not guaranteed HOME. Indoor Plants Pictures Names Best Indoor Plants Adiantum Fern Care Aechmea Bromeliad Plant Aglaonema Plant Care Aglaonema Maria Plant Care Aglaonema Silver Queen Plant Care Aglaonema Silver Bay Plant Care Anthurium Plants Aphelandra Plant Arboricola Plant Care Artificial Flowers Plants Aspidistra Plant Care Asplenium Nidus Plant Care Basic Houseplant Care Birds Nest Ferns Plant Care Boston Ferns Plant Care Botanical. Its leaves look similar to its namesake.

The main reason why oxalis are so fun to grow is because these indoor flowering plants are highly photophilic – which means that they open and close not just their blooms but also their leaves in response to light. Photos and names of common house plants. A-Z list of plants.

Take a look and see which ones you can apply to your own space. Ficus Pumila A climbing and low growing plant from the ficus genus. Where to buy.

Abutilon Flowering maple Indian mallow Parlor. Rubber trees Ficus elastica are upright indoor plants with broad dark green leaves. Lounge Penthouse Room Veranda.

Its pink-green foliage comes with beautiful markings. Common and popular plants found inside many homes include the spider plant aloe vera peace lily jade plant weeping fig and plenty of others. Aglaonema indoor house plants are ideal for those wanting an easy care potted house plant for home or office.

These plant experts share the 11 best indoor plants that are easy to care for and best at purifying the air. This is a list of plants organized by their common names. The Encyclopedia of House Plants Click a link for description or click a picture to see a larger image.

Home Families list A-Z list of plants Plant of the month Other projects Plant identificator Add to favorites Ctrl-D Information. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. Its ornamental value adds a dash of beauty to your house.

Pteris Cretica One of the easier ferns to grow indoors and a bit more forgiving. Oxalis triangularis is a low-growing foliage plant for the garden that also makes for an attractive indoor plant with rich vibrant purple leaves. While this houseplant also called parlor palm prefers bright light it can do very well in low light as long as it receives enough water.

This in the Aglaonema Emerald Beauty or Maria common name is Chinese Evergreen plant. Here are some of the best types of indoor plants with stunning foliage. You are interested in.

Bamboo palms are great plants if you want to add a tropical feel to your home or office. Duplex Elegant French Funny Indoor Interesting. To help you get started we rounded up our favorite small indoor plants and included a few tips for styling them in a small space.

Snake Plant Sansevieria trifasciata Mother in laws Tongue as its commonly referred to makes for an ideal indoor plant for several reasons.

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