Unique Flowering House Plants

With more than 60 Different Types of Indoor Plants in our exclusive list you will have no problem picking the best houseplants for your home. Silver Vase Plant Aechmea fasciata The silver vase plant is an unusual and beautiful flowering plant that is easy to grow indoors.

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From beginners to experts and every friend in between there is a houseplant to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Unique flowering house plants. All of these indoor house plants perform well in these locations in the home. Peace Lily survives best in a shady environment and easily tackle the absence of light. For soil lipstick plants prefer a light airy soil that drains well.

Sedum morganianum is a wonderfully unique. This variety gets its name for its uniquely shaped leaves that look like well animal horns. Instead of a run-of-the-mill houseplant choose something out-of-the-ordinary.

Because of its stench the Rafflesia is another corpse flower I promise this is the last plant here that smells like a corpse. Items 1 to 24 of 268 total. Some think its related.

Like many tropical plants red button ginger Costus woodsonii thrives in filtered sunlight. The most interesting thing about Welwitschia is the plant only has two leaves that grow continuously over time. Ferns come in all shapes and sizes but the staghorn fern is one of the more unique types out there.

I can help you with your indoor house plants care. Identification of your indoor house plants with my indoor plants pictures. Unusual yellow flowers emerge sporadically from the showy red cones and if you can bear to pick them they are edible.

With such a vast variety of houseplants available it becomes quite tough to choose one thats best for you. The peace lily is an attractive low maintenance air cleaning houseplant. They are easy to grow with just a few minor considerations.

House plants make excellent gifts for a variety of occasions and provide pleasing aesthetics to any home. Sometimes called the urn plant this bromeliad has thick arching leathery leaves that are a silvery-green color. Placed in a West window with plenty of humidity and a thorough soaking once a week it is very happy.

Rare Plants – Fruiting Rare Exotic Tropical House Plants for Sale Online at Logees. This unique indoor plant might be called a Banana Shrub but it isnt actually from the banana family in fact its from the Magnolia family of plants. It is also wacky because it has no stems leaves or roots though it does seem to be a plant of some kind.

African violet likes warm conditions and filtered sunlight but avoid getting water on the fuzzy leaves. They come in hundreds of varieties some with variegated foliage or ruffled or white-edged blooms. They are susceptible to root rot so be careful not to overwater or allow the plant to remain in soggy soil.

Indoor house plants pictures names and how to care for your plants. This plant bears showy spoon-shaped white spathe amidst a spike of white flower. Among the easiest flowering houseplants you can grow African violets bloom several times a year with little effort from you.

The plants may grow up to 4 feet tall in the ground and about half that size as a container specimen. Some types of rare houseplants are also surprisingly easy to care for at home. Visit us to buy rare plants tropical plants and house plants online.

The bulb puts out vigorous shoots of lacy foliage in the spring and goes dormant in the fall. This plant loves lots of light so a sunny south-facing window is best although east or west-facing will do. It can survive within many extreme weather conditions.

See more ideas about houseplants plants planting flowers. Read on to find out about some more unusual indoor plants for your home. Mar 2 2019 – Explore Kimberly Smythes board flowering houseplants on Pinterest.

Check out these unusual varieties. Welwitschia Mirabilis is a unique plant that only found in the desert of Namibia. This miniature orchid blooms consistently and often.

Its unique in that it is the worlds largest single flower. Well you dont need to get confused anymore as we have prepared a list of best Types of Indoor Plants divided into various categories. I have worked in the interior landscape industry for more than 30 years taking care of indoor plants.

It got its name because the flowers smell of bananas. These leaves overlap to create a unique vase-shaped plant. This includes diverse plants from those needing full sun to lower light.

Bright red cones peek out from dark maroon tubes resembling the shape of a lipstick and giving the plant its name. Lipstick plants or Aeschynanthus are a unique flowering plant that will brighten up any space. Flowering house plants keep us smiling and cheery.

Rare unusual and exotic indoor house plants perfect for the windowsill and small spaces are found here. If a windowsill spot or other bright well-lit space in the home is not available consider grow lights. Climbing onions need a small trellis to support their growth.

Green house plants ease our minds and provide comfort while tropical house plants make us feel composed and. This strange species also have separate male and female plants. Allow the soil to dry between watering and be sure not to overwater it as.

The climbing onion Bowiea volubilis is a great specimen for those new to houseplants as it tolerates a wide variety of environments and shrugs off neglect. The estimated lifespan of this strange looking plant is between 500 and 1500 years.

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