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Adrenalin "Road Of The Gypsy" Blood & Straw "CrossRoads" Music Video


Uploader: TwitTwooFilmsUK

Duration: 04:19

Date: 2011-07-31T18:13:22Z

Adrenalin - Road Of The Gypsy, The music video from Blood & Straw "CrossRoads".
A fantastic tune that opens film up after the opening credits. The song was so fitting as it was about struggling to make it, This was the first film by Twit Twoo Films to enjoy commercial success, and although a sequel in the Blood & Straw saga it was by the best and the movie that launched Twit Twoo Films into the movie limelight.
Director Tom Stavely said "We really have been on the Road of the gypsys, we just kept making films and never dreamed we'd make it"
Blood & Straw "CrossRoads" gained over 1000 views in its first month before even a trailer or any music videos were released. It stars
Ian W Moody , Tom Stavely , Mark Fox and Ewan Rigg.
Big big thanks to Adrenalin who inspired this films climb to the big time and brought life into Twit Twoo Films long career.

Copyright 2011
Twit Twoo Films

Road Of The Gypsy BY Adrenalin
Available on the Album Road Of The Gypsy BY Adrenalin

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