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Ainslie Roberts Tribute

Ainslie Roberts Tribute

Uploader: rodc2006

Duration: 02:21

Date: 2009-10-11T12:48:40Z

Safely tucked away, deep inside these cross fading images resides Naradan the Bat.
A vision of an atrophic and blackened air born menace forced to roam the land scape for all eternity. As a 10 year old child this nightmarish incarnation scared the christ out of me, the horrifying story behind it served no sanctuary. This and other Ainslie Robert's images from "Dreamtime Book" have remained deeply etched in my subconscious. This is a collective tribute to the white Australian who not only captured the black Australian's stories for eternity but was able to give them vision and depth with extraordinary works of art.

My only real experience of aboriginal culture before seeing Ainslie Robert's work was seeing the sad and shattered remnants of a race, drunken and dirty sitting around shops in central Australia.

The Dreamtime book and others in the series told a different story. An insite to an astonishing ancient culture that survived for thousands of years in perfect harmony with the flora and fauna around it. Harmony in this case meant man was an insignificant influence on the world and at its mercy. His paintings are populated with aboriginals who are often savage victims and fodder of a world that is beyond mans control. This view of sacrificial man was a repeated theme in Ainslie Robert's work and the text that accompanied them.

Indigenous Australians built an understanding of the world though dreamtime stories, past from generation to generation about a time long, long ago were things simply begun. They were a blend of myth, religion and primitive science and embraced imagination that could eclipse the greatest story tellers of the 20 century.

The music track used in this tribute to Ainslie Roberts is of African origin but seemed to marry seamlessly with his surreal imagery.

Disclaimer: Tribute only. I do not own the rights to the work of Ainslie Robert or the Missa Luba (Muungano National Choir, Kenya).

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