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HARMONI RAMADHAN - Yoan Theodora Orchestra

HARMONI RAMADHAN - Yoan Theodora Orchestra


Duration: 03:28

Date: 2017-06-12T04:52:28Z

Hello everyone, we are now halfway through the month of Ramadan and that calls for a little celebration! We're proud to present our new collaboration with Yoan Theodora Orchestra (YTO), with medley of the nation's favorite anthems for Hari Raya Lebaran. Founded by pianist and music director Yoan Thedora, YTO is largely based in Jakarta and its members are musicians of various ages and specialties.

Ramadan is a month of sharing, reflection, and peace, yet it has not been easy at all for many in our country and across the globe. But we believe that, especially at times like this, we should strive to be even more generous and empathetic of the people around us, and to welcome those differences instead of rejecting them. Each musician featured in this video does not only play a distinct instrument, but also comes from all sorts of backgrounds, yet together, they create a harmony.

"Lebaran Sebentar Lagi"
Written by: Djaka Purnama Hardjakusumah
Popularized by: Bimbo
Lyrics Adapted from: LINE Bagi Berkah

"Lebaran (Selamat Hari Lebaran)"
Popularized by: Oslan Husain

"Idul Fitri (Selamat Hari Lebaran)"
Written by: Ismail Marzuki

Produced by: Yoan Theodora
Arrangement by: Yoan Theodora

Piano/keys/Music Director: Yoan Theodora
Bass : Samueltrino
Drum: Billy Christianto
Guitar: Andri Yosua
Trumpet : Ignasius Angga Wijaya
Sax: Garry Lesmana
Percussion: Kartika Sebayang
Flute: Abia Martina
Violin 1: Cindy Clementine
Violin 2: Achi Hardjakusumah
Viola: Sanjung Prima
Cello: Adela Batfutu

Yola Theodora,
Yeshua Abraham,
Pungky Purnanto,

Recorded at Practiceroom Studio
Record & mixed by: Jerry Rahardja

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