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Le Branle de l'Official by Thoinot Arbeau - Gemshorns & Recorder

Le Branle de l'Official by Thoinot Arbeau - Gemshorns & Recorder

Uploader: AdventuresInADD

Duration: 01:37

Date: 2013-08-30T03:33:55Z

Early Baroque Recorder
Praetorius Model

Gemshorns by Pavel Cip

This is from a Christmas concert done several years ago. Recently, I got in touch with a lady who had taken a few short videos of this concert, and I decided to put them up. This concert took place in the *very* small and rural town of Arley, Alabama. In 2001, my parents bought me a harpsichord for an early Christmas present. Small towns being what they are, it was not long before several people heard about this new instrument, and they were curious to hear it. I was approached by a lady from the local Women's Club and asked if I would give a short concert for Christmas. I got some of my friends together from the school band and we put on a concert within about a week's time. It was very successful, and we were given a good number of donations. We used the donations (along with our own money and fundraising) to help buy antique and reproduction instruments. The first historical instrument we bought was an 1830s boxwood flute. The next year we got a consort of gemshorns. Later came chalumeaux, crumhorns, harps, a concertina, hammered dulcimer, rebecs, &c. From 2001-2009, we had this concert, talking about historical instruments and demonstrating them. We usually had two weeks or less to learn to play the instruments and practice together. The tradition died as we all got into our respective grad schools and were no longer able to travel home in time to get this concert together.

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