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Audiomachine Curated Collection - Postcards

Audiomachine Curated Collection - Postcards

Uploader: Audiomachine

Duration: 57:51

Date: 2019-09-25T13:00:10Z

We all know those moments in life that permeate our minds, form our decisions, bring us sheer joy, or remind us of what truly matters. Moments birthed from adventure, travel, connections, dreams. This playlist brings our most reflective tracks to the forefront; may they guide your fondest memories!
Listen on Spotify → https://spoti.fi/2l72zFi

Track List:
00:00 Victory at Sunset - Retrograde
02:32 Prologue - Birth - Epica
07:15 Day One - Awakenings
09:18 The Personality of Autumn - Life
11:42 Real Happiness - Intros 2
13:28 Manifest - Ascendance
16:25 Magnetica X - Titan
19:21 Faded Snapshots and Forgotten Dreams - La Belle Époque
22:12 The Fountain of Consciousness - Here and Now
24:41 How the World Sees You - Origins
27:20 Planned Obsolescence - Titan
30:37 Road to Return - Intros 2
32:13 My Way Out - Volturnus
34:57 The Final Hour - Origins
37:01 Departure - Piano Premonitions: Parallels
39:05 Determination - Life
41:17 Light the Way - Titan
44:34 Dauntless - Ascendance
47:47 Against All Odds - Worlds Of Wonder
49:56 Destination Moon - Prototype
52:54 Touch the Light - Intros
55:11 Secrets of the Sanctuary - La Belle Époque

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