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[MAJOR9/XRO] XRO(재로) - 'Welcome To My Jungle' OFFICIAL MV

[MAJOR9/XRO] XRO(재로) - 'Welcome To My Jungle' OFFICIAL MV

Uploader: MAJOR9 [메이저9 / 메이저나인]

Duration: 03:45

Date: 2020-07-24T04:00:09Z

'Welcome To My Jungle' OFFICIAL MV(New ver.)

Hello, this is MAJOR 9, XRO's management agency.

XRO’s song and the music video definitely have no intention to degrade anyone or look down on other precious cultures and traditions in the world.
Please kindly understand that we produced the album and the music in hope that XRO,
comprised of Korean and Japanese members, and their songs would help people around the world beyond Asia to communicate and enjoy music together.

However, we would still like to explain the background of using such an expression and gesture to avoid any misunderstanding.

Please check the page below for more information.
▶ http://www.major9.net/home/info/469

🎧 Youtube Music : https://url.kr/PARy1s
🎧 Genie : https://url.kr/YLIOaz
🎧 Melon : https://url.kr/tsbDGd
🎧 Apple(US) : https://url.kr/UwLNZA
🎧 Apple(KR) : https://url.kr/UwLNZA
🎧 Spotify : https://url.kr/HsvUX9
🎧 Apple(JP) : 2020.07.30 Coming Soon
🎧 https://lnk.to/y7Z6WcpJ


▷ OFFICIAL HOME ::: http://www.major9.net
▷ OFFICIAL NAVER POST ::: http://post.naver.com/major9_official
▷ OFFICIAL TWITTER ::: http://twitter.com/major9_official
▷ OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM ::: http://instagram.com/major9_official
▷ OFFICIAL V-LIVE ::: http://channels.vlive.tv/F77F7/video
▷ OFFICIAL YOUTUBE ::: http://youtube.com/major9_official
▷ OFFICIAL FACEBOOK ::: http://facebook.com/Official.Major9

▷ OFFICIAL E-MAIL ::: [email protected]
06098, 3, Hakdong-ro 42-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


#XRO #재로 #Welcome_To_My_Jungle
#메이저나인 #MAJOR9 #바이브 #벤 #포맨
#김동준 #캐스퍼 #윤민수 #류재현 #메이저9

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