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Marcabru - l'autrier jost'una sebissa

Marcabru - l'autrier jost'una sebissa

Uploader: Chiara Foti

Duration: 03:45

Date: 2016-06-02T09:08:32Z

Ensemble Micrologus - La reverdie
Author: Marcabru, he writes textes with a moralistic nature
L'autrier jost'una sebissa The other day beside a hedge
Trobei pastora mestissa, I found a humble shepherdess
De joi e de sen massissa, Full of joy and good sense
Si cum filla de vilana, Like the daughter of a peasant girl;
Cap' e gonel'e pelissa A cape, a coat and fur
Vest e camiza treslissa, She wore, and a shirt of rough cloth,
Sotlars e caussas de lana. Shoes and woolen stockings.

Ves lieis vinc per la planissa: I came to her across the plain
"Toza, fi.m ieu, res faitissa, "Young girl," I said, "charming creature
Dol ai car lo freitz vos fissa." I am pained because the cold pierces you."
"Seigner, so.m dis la vilana, "Sir," said to me the peasant girl,
Merce Dieu e ma noirissa, "Thanks to God and my nurse,
Pauc m'o pretz si.l vens m'erissa, It does not concern me if the wind ruffles my hair,
Qu'alegreta sui e sana." For I am cheerful and healthy."

"Toza, fi.m ieu, cauza pia, "Young girl," I said, "sweet thing,
Destors me sui de la via I have turned out of my way
Per far a vos compaignia; To keep you company,
Quar aitals toza vilana For such a young peasant girl
No deu ses pareill paria Should not, without a comrade,
Pastorgar tanta bestia Pasture so many beasts
En aital terra, soldana." In such a place, alone."

"Don, fetz ela, qui que.m sia, "Sir," said she, "be what I may,
Ben conosc sen e folia; I know common sense from folly;
La vostra pareillaria, Your company,
Seigner, so.m dis la vilana, Sir," so said to me the peasant girl,
Lai on se tang si s'estia, "Should be offered where it is fitting,
Que tals la cuid'en bailia For one who thinks she can hold it
Tener, no.n a mas l'ufana." In her power, has nothing but the illusion."

"Toza de gentil afaire, "Young girl of noble condition
Cavaliers fon vostre paire Your father was a knight
Que us engenret en la maire, Who got your mother with child
Car fon corteza vilana. For she was a courtly peasant girl.
Con plus vos gart, m'etz belaire, The more I look at you, the prettier you seem,
E per vostre joi m'esclaire, And by your joy I am gladdened,
Si.m fossetz un pauc humana!" If only toward me you were more human!"

"Don, tot mon ling e mon aire "Sir, all my lineage and my family
Vei revertir e retraire I see returning and going back
Al vezoig et a l'araire, To sickle and plow,
Seigner, so.m dis la vilana; Sir," so said to me the peasant girl;
Mas tals se fai cavalgaire "But some pass themselves off as knights
C'atrestal deuria faire Who should be doing likewise
Los seis jorns de la setmana." Six days of the week."

"Toza, fi.m ieu, gentils fada, "Young girl," said I, "a noble fairy
Vos adastret, quan fos nada, Blessed you, when you were born,
D'una beutat esmerada With perfect beauty
Sobre tot'autra vilana; Above any other peasant girl;
E seria.us ben doblada, And it would be doubled
Si.m vezi'una vegada, If I saw myself just once
Sobira e vos sotrana." Above and you below."

"Seigner, tan m'avetz lauzada, "Sir, you have praised me so much
Que tota.n sui enojada; That I am quite annoyed;
Pois en pretz m'avetz levada, Since you have raised me in worth,
Seigner, so.m dis la vilana, Sir," so said to me the peasant girl,
Per so n'auretz per soudada "You will have for recompense
Al partir: bada, fols, bada On departure: gape, fool, gape
E la muz a meliana." Vainly waiting at noonday."

"Toz'estraing cor e salvatge "Young girl, a wild and skittish heart
Adomesg'om per uzatge. One can tame by using it.
Ben conosc al trespassatge I certainly realize on passing by here
Qu'ab aital toza vilana That with such a young peasant girl
Pot hom far ric compaignatge A man can find noble company
Ab amistat de coratge, With heartfelt friendship,
Si l'us l'autre non engana." If neither deceives the other."

"Don, hom coitatz de follatge "Sir, a man pressed by madness
Jur' e pliu e promet gatge: Swears and pledges and guarantees:
Si.m fariatz homenatge, Thus you would do me homage,
Seigner, so.m dis la vilana Sir," so said to me the peasant girl;
Mas ieu, per un pauc d'intratge, "But I, for a cheap entrance fee,
Non vuoil ges mon piucellatge Do not want to exchange my virginity
Camjar per nom de putana." For the name of whore."

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