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Meditation Music: Soothing and Calming Music, Relaxing Sleep Music by RELAX CHANNEL ☯171

Meditation Music: Soothing and Calming Music, Relaxing Sleep Music by RELAX CHANNEL ☯171

Uploader: MeditationTree

Duration: 00:04

Date: 2016-07-11T04:24:55Z


Do you want to increase your concentration? Study more effectively and for longer duration?
Well Meditation could be the solution for you.

I believe every student must meditate. Because studying is a mental activity not a physical exercise. So you need to give a break or rest your mind at regular intervals.

Some students get into drinking a lot of tea or coffee or even smoking etc. all these habits are not proper solutions and also have side effects. On the other hand meditation can help you rest your mind, feel better, learn better with no side effects and its 100% free. Apart from that you can do it anywhere you want.

This video is for anyone who works or studies for long hours

Step 1:
Sit in a comfortable position. Just open your hands and keep them on your thighs.

Step 2:
Close your eyes

Step 3:
Take your attention to your heart

Step 4:
Concentrate on your breathing. Now when you breathe you will notice there are 3 parts of it. First you breath in then there is a gap then you breadth out. Again there is a gap and you again breath in-gap-breath out-gap- breath in
So just concentrate on this breathing process and now when you breath in fill your chest with air not your stomach. In fact the stomach will move inwards this way.

Step 5:
While keeping your attention on your heart take a deep breath. After breathing in hold your breath for few seconds. Just hold for few seconds and release. When you release the breadth make sure it is smooth and slow. The breathing in process and breathing out process should be of almost same duration.

The 3 most important points of this technique:
1. Positive Energy: When you breadth in feel as if you are inhaling positive energy and when you breadth out feel all stress and negativity is going out. Stress is in the mind and when the mind is silent there is no space for stress. So this is a practical experience. You will feel it but you have to try before judging. It’s not magic or hypnosis. Just a simple exercise.

2. Duration: The duration of this technique should be counted not in terms of time but in terms of number of breaths you take. So 1 cycle of breadth is when you inhale – stop and exhale. That’s one and so on. Initially one should try this for 20 breath cycles. Minimum 7 is fine and maximum depends on you. Now the most important part. When I say 7 breadth cycles, I mean 7 breadth cycles without any thoughts. That brings us to the 3rd and final most important point.

3. Thoughts: Just like breathing. Thinking is also a continuous process. And just like breathing there is a gap between 2 thoughts. We unconsciously and continuously breadth and think. With this technique we become conscious about both. So your eyes are closed, your attention is in your heart and you are watching yourself breadth. Your breathing cycle will continue but the gap between your thoughts will increase. You will observe that just by watching yourself and counting your breath cycle the thoughts will stop. Remember you don’t have to stop your thoughts yourself, you are not trying to control your thoughts, you are just observing. In fact you must wait for your next thought. This is very powerful. While you are waiting for the next thought you are thoughtless. And that state is what you have to continue. If you can reach 7 breath cycles in your 1st attempt without any thoughts then you are better than 90% of other 1st timers.

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