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Phantom Planet - Jabberjaw (Lyrics)

Phantom Planet - Jabberjaw (Lyrics)

Uploader: Lyric Stand

Duration: 03:45

Date: 2020-06-20T04:00:04Z

Jabberjaw by Phantom Planet
Album: Phantom Planet
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4n58hRBvK5hyVB2X9NdEMA?si=ATku-ohsRIODp6ZBV9vKpQ

Jabberjaw Lyrics:

Isn't there enough to talk about?
I don't want what else is runnin' out your mouth

Well, chewing my ears from my head
Will not keep me interested
I wanna put you on someone else
I wanna leave you all by yourself

If I look like I'm involved
Oh, I ain't listenin' at all
Oh, oh

You never listen to a single thing I say
How in the hell did I get into this mess, anyway?
Oh yeah, I was

Shot in the hall with a glance
If looks could kill, they would've never had a chance
You can bury me where I lie
I'm so unhappy that I could die

The people, they're not lookin'
Anywhere in your direction
Got this creeping party doubt
There's no chance I'm ever getting out

You're having fun at my expense
And oh, yeah, you're breaking up
But sometimes I think that you
Wanna end up with no one to talk to!

Other people, they're not looking
Anywhere in your direction
Got this creeping party doubt
There's no way I'm ever getting out

They're acting like somebody near
Just passed away in here
So, if I go— no, when I do
You'll end up with no one to talk to!



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