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Pop In A Box 20 Funko Pop Unboxing | Time to Unsubscribe

Pop In A Box 20 Funko Pop Unboxing | Time to Unsubscribe

Uploader: Solid Unboxing

Duration: 08:55

Date: 2017-02-05T23:21:29Z

I haven't put up a Pop In A Box video in a long time, and that's because I haven't received a box from them for a while. These 2 boxes came in the same time, and this is the biggest unboxing from them that I've ever done. Sadly more than half of the pops in this box were not ones that I thumbed up. After emailing their support I was told that ANY pops NOT THUMBED DOWN can be sent to you. this is RIDICULOUS because 100's of pops are released almost monthly. So you're continuosly having to log in and find those pops to thumbs down. Interesting enough, the site is VERY SLOW in updating and finding all of the pops out their to thumbs down. It would take you hours and hours to thumbs down all of them. *ALSO after checking the exact pops that I got in this video on their website, I HAD THEM ALL THUMBED DOWN, and also noticed that multiple ones had DUPLICATES of the same pop on their site that you had to thumbs down as well. I didn't want to rant, but I just wanted to inform you guys on this information. I'll be unsubscribing after a year of being with them just from this one incident because I shouldn't have to log in weekly to thumbs down every pop that has released. Hope you guys enjoyed the video though! Stay Solid!!!

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The Products: Pop In A Box allows you to grow your POP! collection every month with a guaranteed mystery Funko POP! Vinyl that’s not in your collection.

Ships to: US, UK, and Canada

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