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Sami Yusuf – Ya Rasul Allah (Part I) | یا رسول الله

Sami Yusuf – Ya Rasul Allah (Part I) | یا رسول الله

Uploader: Andante Records

Duration: 04:03

Date: 2016-06-25T21:52:49Z

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Dastgāh: Shūr (Avaz-e Abū ‘Atā)
Commentary: This beautiful song comes from the Kurdish Qadiri zawiyas (Sufi centers) of Western Iran. It is a traditional devotional piece expressing love of the Prophet and longing to visit Medina. The original words are in Kurdish but additional verses in Persian, Turkish and Arabic have been added. The traditional khānghāh daf rhythm of “Ḥay Allah, Ḥay Allah” is incorporated into this piece with a time signature of 10/8.

*This section (till the Kurdish refrain) is an entirely new composition added by Sami Yusuf with words by Payam Azizi.

To learn more about this piece download the full album and 27 page digital booklet from here:
iTunes http://smarturl.it/SYBarakah-Deluxe

Learn more about "Barakah" here http://smarturl.it/Barakah-Deluxe


Performed & arranged by Sami Yusuf
Kurdish words by Mohamed Azizi
Additional Kurdish words by Payam Azizi
Arabic words by Dr. Imed Nsiri
Music: Traditional Islamic (from Kurdistan region)
Additional composition by Sami Yusuf
Recorded @ Andante Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Vishnu Rajan @ Andante Studios

Published by Resonance Music FZE Administered by Fairwood Music (UK) Ltd for the World

Executive Producer
Sami Yusuf

Saleh Nass

AKKASA Production

1st AD
Mustafa Al Lawati

Mohammed Al Harthy

Cinematography and Steadycam Operator
Malik Al Kindi

Camera Assistant
Ahmed Al Harbi

Drone Operator
Mohammed Al Ghafri

Filming Locations
Omar Al Busaidi
Hilal Al Ghadani

Abdulrahim Al Kindi

Makeup Artist
Basheer Abboud

Production Manager
Salim Al Abri

Video Editing & Post Production @ Andante Studios
Colour Grading @ Elements Cine Productions

Destination Partner: Ministry Of Tourism, Sultanate of Oman
Official Airline Sponsor: Oman Air
Hospitality Partner: Omran, Alila Jabal Akhdar, Ras Al Jinz Scientific Center
Ground-handling & guide support: Elite Travel & Tourism
Filming Sponsor: Akkasa


Yā Rasūla l-Lāh
O Messenger of God,
Yā shay Medina
O Prince of Medina
Har kas ‘ashgta
Don't break the heart of the one
Dili mashkina
Who loves you and is crazed for you
Bechmam Madīna, beīsem bepā wā
I will go to Medina and openly express to the Prophet
Arza bam bedas Rasūl-a-Allāh wā
My inner heart-felt desire to serve Him

Kurdish (refrain)
Yā Rasūla l-Lāh
Yā shay Medina
O Messenger of God,
O Prince of Medina

Har kas ‘ashgta
Dili mashkina
Don't break the heart of the one
Who loves you and is crazed for you

Yā Rasūla l-Lāh
O Messenger of Allāh
Qalbī mushtāq
My heart is longing
For Medina

Yā Ḥabība l-Lāh
O Beloved of Allah
Kullī ’ashwāq
All my earnings
Are for Medina

Li-Nabīyi l-Lāh
For the Prophet of Allah
Muddat bi-r-rajā’ ’ayādīnā
Our hands are extended in hope

Mā taruddanā yā Rasūla l-Lāh khā’ibīna
O Messenger of Allah, our beloved,
do not us send back empty-handed

Yā Rasūla l-Lāh, Bawanem, Nawet chand khowsha*
O Messenger of God, How beautiful is your name

‘Araghet golah bawanem, Būnet wa nawsha
The blessed beads of sweat from your luminous body, smell of flowers

Har wak hājiyān bawānem, La dowr baytu l-Lāh bawanem
Like the pilgrims who circumambulate the House of God
O my all, my beloved
Bīm ba dawrī to ‘azīzam,
I'd circle around you, my dearest one,
Yā Nabī, Yā Shafī’
O Prophet of God, O Intercessor!

Copyright of Andante Records. All rights reserved.

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