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Saphuan - One Mic (produced by Twenty-II)

Saphuan - One Mic (produced by Twenty-II)

Uploader: Saphuan Awang

Duration: 02:59

Date: 2010-10-17T12:58:58Z

One Mic

Produced by Twenty-II
Written by Saphuan
Mixed & Mastered by Dafrosty

Allow me to grab the mic, what's up internet gangstas
caught up in the hype, now you in the net gangstas
better act proper, the watchers we watchin
waitin on the perfect time for introduction
the scene abduction believe im behind that
unexpected like 9-11 attack
reenact the whole view through this holy event
you kids got curfew better stay in ya den
I use the pad and pen, you click copy and paste
whatever you spit stinks use extra toothpaste
embrace the elevation, them wacks stay back
Me? I stay back, in the lab spittin raps
I'm not a vet but the best among these cats
yaw I rocket, outer this world like MEASAT
see I never dealt crack but I got the same effect
talkin shit behind my back, where ya testicles at?
Okayh I see you got promotion, marketing tactics
dont blame the consumer if you drop some wack shit
I'd be stupid if I pay 20 bucks for garbage
we don't buy in to sell outs homie just stop it
All I need is one mic, to be rated five mics
you got five mics, none of em sound right
They say Im too nice, to spit this kinda rhyme
Yeah Im too nice, so I spit this kinda rhyme

One mic one mic
All I need is one mic one mic

I rock it like a rocket the victory's in my pocket
I slaughters emcees leave you dead down in the pit
I'm here to wreck it, you need to pack up and go home
and go tell your mum I served you on the microphone
you shudn't go out alone you the type to get molested
I can see your halo right before the battle is started
freakin retarded it's all trash that you be spittin
you must be workin for D, BKL as a dustbin
there's absolutely nothing you can say to harm me
~whatever you attempt to do will only arm me
with bullets of truth, I put it use, to shoot in the booth
and putcha head right next to the moose
a loose cannon, I be spazzin on any beat in my reach
from the grittiest streets to the tittie filled beaches
killin every feature, bringin the freakin heat up
I'm a greedy creature, Im claimin all the tea cups
done with all the hiccups, back up in my airs
got myself together, palm to palm, namaste
I mastered the art of plottin verbal assault
cant spit so you blame it on your dental default
All I need is one mic and a twentyii beat
more than enuff to skool them arrogant newbies
They say Im too nice, to spit this kinda rhyme
you're not, gonna be as nice, even if we traded rhymes

I dont give a damn on what these haters say
you can kiss my ass and get out the way
I got a show to catch and a mic to grab
so can you please shut up and let me spit this rap


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