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Seven Steps to Victorious Faith through Confession, No. 1 - Dr Hobart E Freeman

Seven Steps to Victorious Faith through Confession, No. 1 - Dr Hobart E Freeman

Uploader: Your Face, Lord Jesus, I will seek

Duration: 13:11

Date: 2020-03-01T04:06:20Z

One important matter when you listen to these messages. These messages were spoken to a mature church that has been growing in faith for many years. The place God wants to bring us to is total depending on Jesus for all our needs physical, financial, spiritual. It takes time for this growing to take place and there is a danger in telling people to stop taking all medicine or seeking medical advice when they are not sufficiently instructed in God's word and how to meet conditions, even as brother Freeman taught. As result some have been hurt badly or even died early as they have tried and hoped for healing they were not ready to receive. He mentions this on a number of messages but some people hear just a few messages and try the divine healing teaching then waver and doubt if circumstances get worse. They end up hurting themselves and giving the message of healing from all our diseases a bad name.
Remember what Jesus said to His disciples, "I have many things to say to you but you cannot bear them now". There is a growth and maturing that comes with time. So as you hear more messages keep this in mind. On the other hand he has tremendous knowledge and safe sound teaching we have found nowhere else.
I have benefited tremendously from his ministry learning theology, ethics, faith, Old Testament, deeper deliverance, Greek, Hebrew, etc from sound conservative teaching from this doctor of theology. I could have only learned this by going to a seminary. His experience and correct doctrinal teaching is almost impossible to find elsewhere and I hesitate to recommend anyone else except the Christ the Healer book by F.F Bosworth. There is so much error and false teaching in Christianity and a sound teacher will help your discernment by the Holy Spirit as you test these false teachers. Jesus warned us to take heed lest any man deceive us. With all this in mind God will keep and preserve us in the truth as we study His Word, watch and pray, listen to the checks in our hearts that the Holy Spirit gives us to discern truth from error. We can rest in His promise to keep us in the truth to the end.
Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and heart with you and may the Lord preserve and keep us to the end. Amen.

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