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Tribute to Notre-Dame de Paris: Old Roman chant/ Kyrie Eleison (Lyric Video)

Tribute to Notre-Dame de Paris: Old Roman chant/ Kyrie Eleison (Lyric Video)

Uploader: Adoration of the Cross

Duration: 07:06

Date: 2019-10-23T09:42:16Z

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About the chant:
The fire of April 15, 2019, has endangered the nine centuries of heritage history of the cathedral of Paris. An architectural heritage shared by all humanity. Over the centuries, painting, literature, photography, cinema and music have enriched this collective imagination. By the end of the 12th century, the Notre-Dame school developed a sophisticated style that will spread throughout Europe.
This chant was performed by CIRMA/ Ensemble Organum/ Director: Mr Marcel Pérès
Website: https://organumcirma.com/
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From Amazon: http://hyperurl.co/chantderome
Chant Text:

Kyrie eleison
Incarnatum quoque pie domine lux de luce deus
Kyrie eleison
De deo lumine salus vita via veritas idemque
Kyrie eleison
Consolator pie flammine quoque alme vivifice
Criste eleison
De nichilo iussu verbo qui cuncta creasti
Criste eleison
Tu preces populi baptismadis ad te directos
Criste eleison
Te corda precanda humili ut pariter cum patre
Kyrie eleison
Omnes pariter altissimi vocibus te laudamus
Kyrie eleison
Patri nati qui et sumus amor deus luciflue
Kyrie eleison
Sine fine regnans nos vivifices et gubernas

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