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VOICE: Exhibition to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Nixon's first visit

VOICE: Exhibition to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Nixon's first visit

Uploader: AP Archive

Duration: 01:19

Date: 2015-07-21T16:10:43Z

00:00 Pan from visitors to photograph of Nixon and Zhou Enlai preparing to shake hands at Beijing Airport in 1972
00:07 Close-up of statue hands
00:09 Mid shot of statue showing Nixon and Zhou Enlai
00:13 Wide of statue in exhibition hall
00:16 Visitors looking at photographs on wall
00:19 Television monitor showing message by Chinese President Jiang Zemin praising Nixon's visit
00:22 Cutaway of visitors listening to Jiang
00:24 Video message by US President George W. Bush praising friendship between U.S. and China
00:29 Ribbon cutting ceremony, pulls out to show Nixon's daughter, Julie Nixon Eisenhower
00:37 Julie Nixon Eisenhower looking at photo on wall, pans
00:44 SOUNDBITE (English) Julie Nixon Eisenhower, daughter of former US President Richard Nixon
00:51 Close-up of screen showing video documentary about Nixon's 1972 visit
00:55 Set-up shot of Mr. Zhang, retired Chinese diplomat, examining exhibits
00:59 UPSOUND: (Mandarin) Mr. Zhang, retired Chinese diplomat
01:09 Close-up of photograph of Nixon shaking hands with Chairman Mao Zedong in 1972
01:12 Photograph showing Nixon and former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping raising glasses for toast
01:15 Close-up of photograph of Jiang Zemin and Nixon


An exhibition commemorating the landmark visit to China of former United States President Richard Nixon opened in Beijing on Wednesday, in a further sign of improving Sino-American relations.

The exhibition, entitled 'Journeys to Peace and Cooperation', marks the 30th anniversary this year of Nixon setting foot on Chinese soil, an event which heralded a new era of diplomatic ties between Washington and Beijing.


00:02 Thirty years ago, the then U.S. President Richard Nixon made a landmark visit to China.

00:07 His 1972 tour amounted to his finest Foreign Policy decision.

00:12 Now an exhibition has opened in the Chinese capital, Beijing, to commemorate Nixon's efforts.

00:19 China's current president, Jiang Zemin, and the American President George W. Bush, recorded special messages for the launch.

00:27 UPSOUND George W. Bush

00:30 Richard Nixon's daughter, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

She's glad her father had a chance to see the transformations that have taken place in China since the '70s.

SOUNDBITE (English) Julie Nixon Eisenhower, daughter of former US President Richard Nixon
"He came back six times - the last time was just a few years before his death - and he saw the tremendous changes (in China)."

00:52 Nixon's efforts led to greater understanding between Washington and Beijing.

Retired Chinese diplomat Mr Zhang says this understanding, and common interests shared by the two countries, mean that any differences that do exist can now be overcome.

The exhibition, called 'Journeys to Peace and Cooperation' will transfer in January to the Nixon Library and Birthplace in California.

ENDS 1:19

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