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WeVoi 2020 Global Indonesia: Inspiring Others is An Unknown Super Power

WeVoi 2020 Global Indonesia: Inspiring Others is An Unknown Super Power

Uploader: Siti Halimah Indrani Anwar

Duration: 03:59

Date: 2020-07-31T07:28:43Z

Hi, I’m Siti Halimah Indrani Anwar from Indonesia 😁 This is my video for WeVoi 2020 Global with its theme “Born to Inspire, Not to Impress” ☺️ please enjoy 🙏🏼

Before starting, I want to ask two questions. Are you genuinely aiming for your goals or are you just trying to impress people with your achievements?

Do you prefer to follow your heart in choosing your path whatever the consequences or do you choose the path which guarantees success, along with less consequences but not what you’re interested in? I made a survey and asked these questions and the majority of people said they aim for their goals and would choose the path their heart desires. It seems like an obvious choice doesn’t it? However it may not be that easy to follow your ambitions and achieve your goals.

There are a lot of inspirational figures out there who inspire people with their achievements regarding their age, culture or background.

Now, these people had many obstacles they had to pass through to reach their aims. All successful public figures we know now, went through a lot of change llenges to get to where they are.

I have this inspirational figure who was my own elementary teacher and she gave us lectures almost everyday because we were being so naughty. Some students might not have liked her because of the way she pushed us through our limits. But without realizing, I learnt a lot of life lessons from her. For instance, I remember she said “When you’re making a mistake, don’t point your finger at anybody else. Self-reflection is an important thing.” Time flies and now I am in year 12, I remember I had an argument with my group partner for a project because we had different perspectives. We had quite an awkward moment. Gladly, after a while, we talked it out, apologized to each other, and acknowledged the mistake each of us made. Since then, we have a better understanding towards each other and strengthened our bond. Thank God, we achieved our goals together and received rewards from that project. This was one of the ways I realized how important self-reflection is and it was all thanks to my teacher whose life lessons impacted me positively. Unconsciously, not only did she achieve her goal of being a teacher but along the way, she impressed others like me.

It takes a long period of time to reach our aims, we need to get through a lot of ups and downs. In the process, you’ll have failures. But nothing could get in your way as long as you have passion and patience. Rocky Balboa said that “It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Someone who aims high will push through their limits no matter what because they look up and see other extraordinary people, so they always try to be the better version of themselves. Without them knowing, they reach the top and are now everyone’s role model and the center of inspiration. But someone who’s just trying to impress others will stop when they achieve one goal and be proud of themselves. They won’t reach their full potential due to being fixed on showing off to others. That's why people, reference from an anonymous quote, work for a cause, not for applause, born to inspire and live life to express, not to build an empire neither to impress.

I’m Siti Halimah Indrani Anwar from Indonesia and thank you for your attention.

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